Pino Cazzetta —

I am Pino Cazzetta aka Cazalpine an Italian-born industrial designer based in the middle west of Belgium. I love exploring vibrant concepts and crystallizing motion objects. I have also a deep passion for Italian coachbuilders. I currently share my working time between my design studio and the design school.

Since I was a child, I always liked to create stuff. Especially cars. On paper, with clay or everything I could even found in my father’s workshop. Since then I have developed a distinctive visual style and design approach.

I am curious in how things work. My obsession for details gradually developed my aesthetic sensitivity sharpening my intuition regarding both the people and the objects that are present in our daily lives.

Born in Belgium on May 5th 1972, I have been working for the industry since 18th years. In 1996 I got my MA in industrial design from ESA St. Luc - Liège in Belgium. In 1997 I got car design courses from Domus Academy–Milan in Italy.

In 1997, with my friend Juan José de San Martin, we created Nahuelpan, our Milan based amplifying brand design studio.
  Focused on strategic identity and industrial design, the studio worked for Pong Yachting, Orbea, Cinelli, Columbus, Kodak and Lamborghini, as well as subcontracting for Castelli Design. Between 2004 and 2011, the studio moved to Buenos Aires in Argentina and became Qurax. With naval architect Guillermo Heinonen the studio developed his know-how. We worked for Giuliani, AW Europe-Toyota, Zanella and South American shipbuilders.

In 2007, I was invited as guest teacher at the iSD (France). I also started to work in Belgium as design expert for several governmental agencies like f.e. DGTE, House of Design, The Object Odyssey and therefore operating in strategic design.

I left Qurax studio in 2010 to work on my own identity: Cazalpine. I currently share my working time between my studio and the design school.

Pino Cazzetta following projects at iSD

My awards include a 2007 Best of the Best Innovation Trailer Award for the Stas TPX aluminium trailer, a 2008 Best of Exhibition Design Award for the Socardenne Food Factory exhibition stand at Horecatel, a 2009 Object Odyssey First Prize for the chessboard for blinds and more recently a 2015 Michelin Design Challenge Second Prize Winner for the team project “SIC Concept” I handled for the ISD.

Since 2007, I’m a transportation design manager at the “Institut Supérieur de Design” of Valenciennes aka ISD in France. I have the responsibility to teach both bachelors and masters design
  students. I mainly manage long team projects for the school partnerships. Some of the school’s clients I drove projects for are: Citroën, DS, Saab, Renault Trucks, Husqvarna, Triplettes de Bonnevile, Scott bike, Bardhal, Indians Motorcycle, Triumph, Seat, VW, BMW Motorrad, Lexus, Toyota, Airbus Helicopters, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and a few months ago Bell&Ross.

Teaching design is important and stimulating because you have to deal with personalities, skills in progress and strive for a good ending by filling the gaps.
“Since I am 12, I dream of building my own car company, I’ll call it CAZALPINE.”

Specialities: Strategic, creative and design direction. I understand the brand and its values I’ve to deal with. I’m gifted to organize and stimulate a working team with an outstanding mentoring energy. I’m a profitable creative designer.

Publications: • WAW mag n°105 August 2009
• TV Spot: Walloon Talents 2010

Fun Act: Always in love with photography, motor racing and cycling.